Kawasaki KLR650 Motorcycle Glass Beer Tankard

Kawasaki KLR650 Motorcycle Glass Beer Tankard

Our Price:  £26.95
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Item:  Glass Beer Tankard
Material:  Glass
Item Colour:  Clear
Engraving Colour:  White
Item Height:  150 mm
Item Width:  94 mm
Item Capacity:  1.2 Pints / 23oz / 680ml
Item Weight:  978g

These glass beer tankards come engraved with our Kawasaki KLR650 Motorcycle artwork. Each Tankard Measures 150mm high and 94mm diameter with a heavy tapered base that has a total weight of 978g and a 1.2 Pint Capacity. The Square handle has a slight facet design ensuring a comfortable feel and balance in the hand. Perfect for everyday use and makes a perfect gift or trophy for a Beer or Lager drinker these tankards come presented in our EnF Engraving Gift Box.

First time use

Always rinse new Glassware before first use You may find some residue or coloured speckles on the glass; these are likely to be the paint used to infill the engraving. This should come off glass with a cloth or a fingernail.


Always hand wash engraved glassware Engraved Glassware from EnF Engraving has been diamond engraved and filled with a special engraving paint to really make the engraving stand out. The paint may fade or get washed out entirely if put in a dishwasher and so always handwash glassware bought from us. Simply wash the glass in soapy water with a cloth and dry as with any other hand washed glassware