Brain Starburst Premium Windproof Petrol Lighter

Brain Starburst Premium Windproof Petrol Lighter

Our Price:  £14.95
Remember to include your font choice - We engrave in TIMES NEW ROMAN if No Font is given - We can engrave any Microsoft or Google Font

Item:  Premium Lighter
Material:  Chrome / Brass
Item Colour:  Silver / Brass / Black / Blue / Red
Engraving Colour:  Silver / Gold
Item Height:  70 mm
Item Width:  38 mm
Item Weight:  52g

Lighters are useful accessories to have around, and these quality petrol lighters are no exception. Available in a range of colours each come engraved with our Brain Starburst artwork and are very reliable thanks to the classic weatherproof design. The cap even has the satisfying ‘click’ sound when opened! These lighters are the premium version of the Steel lighters sold elsewhere and are of better overall quality and heavier to hold. Dispatched in a tin gift box these lighters make superb gifts for smokers’ outdoorsmen and lighting candles in the home.

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